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After School Program

Our program is an intelligent alternative to classic after school programs and features structured learning. We supervise and assist with homework, conduct child-safe martial arts appropriate for all belt and skill levels, games, and adequate "free time."   Our program is designed to build self-discipline, self-respect, and self-confidence in school aged children.

USTMA offers transportation from several Loudoun County schools. Our program begins immediately after school and runs until 5:00 pm. For your convenience, we provide full-day coverage for school cancellations, school vacations, and teacher workshop days throughout the year.

 (Age group: kindergarten through 8th grade.)



  • Safe reliable transportation

  • Supervised Homework

  • Supervised Study Time

  • Daily exercise

  • Improved Taekwondo skills

  • Downtime with friends

  • Safe space while parents are at work



  • Homework

  • Lunch/snack and water bottle.

  • USTMA Uniform

The children do get to go outside, when the weather permits, therefore weather-appropriate clothing is needed.