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Our program is an intelligent alternative to classic after school programs and features structured learning. We supervise and assist with homework, conduct child-safe martial arts appropriate for all belt and skill levels, games, and adequate "free time."   Our program is designed to build self-discipline, self-respect, and self-confidence in school aged children.

USTMA offers transportation from several Loudoun County schools. Our program begins immediately after school and runs until 5:00 pm. For your convenience, we provide full-day coverage for school cancellations, school vacations, and teacher workshop days throughout the year.

 (Age group: kindergarten through 8th grade.)

Why pick USTMA for your child's After school?

We offer affordable prices with reliable transportation from your child's school to USTMA. Staff are available to help with study and homework. We believe in enriching the body and the mind therefore we have daily taekwondo classes to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The children are encourage to socialize and therefore make new friends. Parents can rest easy knowing that USTMA is a safe environment for children to hang out at while they are at work.

Pick up is subject to USTMA location and school distance.

Please note: There will be no afterschool program, classes, camp or practices on days deemed unsafe by county inclement weather guidelines.

What to bring

  • Homework

  • Lunch/Snack

  • Water bottle

  • USTMA Uniform

Average Schedule

  • Pick up / arrival at USTMA

  • Snack & Homework 

  • Taekwondo class

  • Free time & Pick up


Interested in joining the USTMA family?

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