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USTMA Summer Camp

Camps focus on teaching proper physical fitness, including cardiovascular training, core muscle training, stretching, and nutrition. All camps also include quiet study, reading, and lessons on leadership skills.

USTMA offers a variety of camp options to ensure that when school's out, fitness is not. Camps are offered most public school holidays, snow days, as well as spring and summer breaks. Our camps are designed to both introduce inexperienced students to taekwondo as well as allow for current USTMA members to spend more time together further honing their martial arts skills! Camps are available to children aged 5 years and up.


​​Schools out camps are held throughout the year following the county's school schedule. This includes spring break, winter break and school cancellations. School's out camp is available to all children 5 years old and up.

Camp dates, times & activities will vary between USTMA locations.


At USTMA Summer Camp is a fun-filled experience full of games, arts and crafts, swimming pools, picnics, obstacle courses, & daily taekwondo training. USTMA is geared towards making sure that every child learns the principles that will help them reach life goals, maintain a positive attitude, and stay healthy, all while having a great time.

Camp dates, times & activities will vary between USTMA locations.

Please note: There will be no classes, camp or practices on days deemed unsafe by county inclement weather guidelines.

The Benefits of Taekwondo Camp

  • Learning basic Tae Kwon Do Fundamentals

  • Demonstration Kicks

  • No-Contact Sparring

  • Training on Proper Nutrition and Fitness

  • Korean Lessons

  • Fun Activities

  • Park Outings

  • Swimming Pool Outings

  • Field Trips (Only available at the Leesburg location)

  • Fun with Friends

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