Kick Cancer Out of the World 

Kick Cancer out of the world is a 6 month-long series of fundraisers created by Grand Master Choi who lost his father to cancer despite his family's attempts to provide the best possible care. Grand Master Choi's father is the one who started his journey and fueled his passion for martial arts from a young age when they would practice together in the front yard of their home in South Korea. His father was his greatest hero and his loss was devastating to the Choi family.

Grand Master Choi set a goal of raising 1 million dollars to donate towards cancer research and to aid cancer patients. To meet his self-imposed goal, Grandmaster Choi a variety of individual fundraising events throughout the year, including:

  • USTMA team to participate in American Cancer Society's Relay for Life walk held each spring in Western Loudoun County

  • Golf Tournament 

  • USTMA Tournament

  • USTMA Demonstration

22nd Golf Tournament

 17 August 2020

2020 has been a rough year for all of us but it cannot slow down Grand Master Choi and his fight against cancer. Thank you to everyone that participated and helped to make the day a great success. 


"Nothing is Impossible"

28th Taekwondo Tournament

17 October 2020


Thank you USTMA family and Kong's Taekwondo team for competing in the 2020 Kick Cancer Out of the World Taekwondo Tournament.

KCOTW Follow up 

December 2020

Even through tough times USTMA still finds a way to help the community.  Thank you to our sister city in South Korea, Samcheok , and our USTMA families for coming together to help in the efforts against Cancer and Covid.

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