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USTMA holds a special "sister school" and "sister city" relationship with Samcheok City, Korea. Each year, Tae Kwon Do martial arts students and instructors from Samcheok City come to Leesburg to visit and study at USTMA. Students are hosted by local families and compete in tournaments and demonstrations alongside of USTMA athletes.

USTMA unites Leesburg & South Korea

2009 marked USTMA's inaugural trip to Samcheok City, Korea. Grandmaster Choi took over 25 students and family members in August to compete in Samcheok City's Mayor's Friendship Tournament. Samcheok City hosted Team USA 2009 by providing lodging and food. Additionally, trip participants were invited to meet with the Mayor and Mayoral staff and received awards and photographs as souvenirs. The Team USA 2009 also went sightseeing, took a beach trip, ate local fare, and took a trip to Seoul before returning home.

KOREA TAEKWONDO H.Q. GMTA Gun-Moo Taekwondo Academy

4F, Dosin-ro 4-gil 17, Yeongdeungpo-pu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 07377

+82 2 832 8135

GMTA National Team Taekwondo Academy

2F, Jinheung-ro 267-16, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 03366

+82 2 356 9664


From the left: Grand Master Eungil Choi of USTMA, Kukkiwon President Dong Sup Lee 


From the left:  Kukkiwon President Dong Sup Lee, Master James Choi of USTMA Berryville  


From the left: Master John Choi of USTMA Leesburg, Kukkiwon President Dong Sup Lee


From the left: Kukkiwon President Dong Sup Lee, USTMA instructor Mr Charles Hornbostel.

Kukkiwon Presidents
Awards USTMA

NOVEMBER 16, 2021


USTMA had the honor of hosting President Dong Sup Lee, the President of Kukkiwon. Several masters, instructors and leaders of USTMA received honorary pins due to their dedication to Taekwondo.

Kukkiwon President
Grandmaster Choi welcomes 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist 
Moon Dae Sung

JUNE 24th, 2022


Mun Dae-Sung was a taekwondo champion, winning a heavyweight gold medal at Athina in 2004. He also won titles at the 1999 World Championships, 2000 Asian Championships, and the 2002 Asian Games. Mun attended Dong-A University in Busan, and after graduation competed for the Samsung Professional Taekwondo team. He became quite popular in Korea and was a well-known product spokesperson. In 2008 he was made an Athletes Member of the IOC, and will serve in that role through 2016.


From the left: Olympic Gold Medalist Moon Dae Sung, Grand Master Eungil Choi of USTMA.


From the left: Olympic Gold Medalist Moon Dae Sung, Master James Choi of USTMA.


From the left: Olympic Gold Medalist Moon Dae Sung, Master John, and Alessandra Choi of USTMA.

Moon Dae Sung
Training Seminar with Gold Medalist
Moon Dae Sung

JUNE 24th, 2022


USTMA had the honor of hosting Olympic Gold Medalist Moon Dae Sung for a one day training seminar. USTMA students had the opportunity to train like an Olympic athlete by participating in sparring drills, and fitness training. Everyone left with big smiles and shaky legs.

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