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Belt testing is a fun and exciting time in a student's Tae kwon do career and is held every two months. Students are pretested and notified, by instructors, if they are ready to test for their new belt. Students are mainly tested on memorization, athletic ability, forms, and board breaking. 

Belt Order: Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Bo Black, and Black.


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The practice, forms, rules and regulations of taekwondo are governed by an international body named the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) which is located at Kukkiwon in Seoul, Korea. USTMA is a proud member of WTF and complies with the guidelines for poomse and kyorugi.

Black Belt degrees are referred to as Dan starting at 1st Dan ending at 10th Dan. Students are allowed to test every 2 years. At 3rd-degree Dan students will have the opportunity to be invited to become an instructor, allowing them to teach students with lower belt colors. At 5th degree, students become Masters, a high honor that allows them to lead classes.

There are two levels of black belts to accomplish at USTMA. The first black belt test allows the student to receive a black belt under the USTMA dojang as overseen by Grandmaster Eunggil Choi. The second part of the test is given approximately four months later and tests against the standards set forth by Kukkiwon. The passing of this test ensures that the student is acknowledged and registered as a black belt throughout the world. Students receive a certificate from Kukkiwon and their belt number is officially entered into the registrar at Kukkiwon so that their Dan level is known internationally.


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