Taekwondo is a traditional Korean form of martial arts that focuses on building a strong mind and body. Classes consist of training in sparring, kicking, board breaking, poomse (forms), self-defense, and weapons. Students typically test for a new belt level every other month until they reach the rank of black belt.


(Age group: 3 yrs. and up)



C-Crew is USTMA’s elite competition team focusing on the Olympic sport of Taekwondo sparring. Established in 1999, C-Crew has produced over 200 Virginia state and National champions. Team members travel to and take part in multiple competitions in the region. C-Crew trains 2 evenings a week and on Saturday mornings.

(Age group: 7 yrs. to adult. Tryouts and additional fee required.)



Safe, reliable transportation from your child's school to the USTMA Taekwondo Dojang. We provide supervised homework or study time 
& a daily taekwondo class.


(Age group: kindergarten through 8th grade.)




At USTMA Summer Camp is a fun-filled experience full of games, arts and crafts, swimming pools, picnics, obstacle courses, & daily taekwondo training. Each day will include teamwork & Leadership activities.


(Age group: 3 yrs. and up)



At a USTMA Birthday Party you experience a  traditional taekwondo class, ninja obstacle course  and participate in a taekwondo demonstration. We provide instructors to facilitate the event and allow parents to sit back and enjoy the celebration.

(Age group: 3 yrs. and up)



At USTMA Kidz Fun Night we come together one Saturday every month for three action packed hours of games, obstacle courses, movies, crafts, special themed parties, and pizza!


(Age group: 3 yrs. and up)




USTMA's distance learning program provides a fun and safe environment for students to complete their school work. We provide guidance on school work as well as supervised physical activity throughout the day.

 (Age group: 5 to 13 yrs)

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