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Grand Master Eung Gil Choi

Founder of USTMA

Grandmaster Eung Gil Choi is an accomplished 9th degree black belt (Kukkiwon/WTF certified) who has dedicated his life to the study of Taekwondo. Achieving the rank of 9th degree black belt requires 50 years of study. He practices what his philosophy of self control, focus and discipline and is constantly learning from his peers as well as his student athletes to improve himself so that he can better serve his students. Grandmaster Choi is a dedicated and experienced teacher, but is also a proud parent of three children who have gone through his program at the academy. Grandmaster Choi has over 37 years of teaching experience. He was taught by his father at the age of 6. Grandmaster Choi was the Korean Special Forces Taekwondo Champion from 1975-1977. He holds a masters degree in Hapkido, and Tuk Kong Mu Sool with professional experience in Kung fu, boxing and Gumdo. He is a Grandmaster in Taekwondo and Ho Shin Sool. Grandmaster Choi opened USTMA in 1987. USTMA was the first school to teach Taekwondo and martial arts in the Leesburg area more than 20 years ago.


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