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USTMA is the paramount martial arts school in Northern Virginia. We have been serving the Leesburg community for over 30 years. Our programs include martial arts, self-defense, fitness and health, and leadership development for adults and children of all ages. We focus on respect, discipline, confidence, perseverance and good moral character.

Grand Master Eung Gil Choi

Grandmaster Eung Gil Choi is an accomplished 9th degree black belt (Kukkiwon/WTF certified) who has dedicated his life to the study of Taekwondo. Achieving the rank of 9th degree black belt requires 50 years of study. He practices what his philosophy of self control, focus and discipline and is constantly learning from his peers as well as his student athletes to improve himself so that he can better serve his students. Grandmaster Choi is a dedicated and experienced teacher, but is also a proud parent of three children who have gone through his program at the academy. Grandmaster Choi has over 35 years of teaching experience. He was taught by his father at the age of 6. Grandmaster Choi was the Korean Special Forces Taekwondo Champion from 1975-1977. He holds a masters degree in Hapkido, and Tuk Kong Mu Sool with professional experience in Kung fu, boxing and Gumdo. He is a Grandmaster in Taekwondo and Ho Shin Sool. Grandmaster Choi opened USTMA in 1987. USTMA was the first school to teach Taekwondo and martial arts in the Leesburg area more than 20 years ago.

Master John Choi

Master John Choi, a 6th degree black belt (Kukkiwon/WTF certified), has over 22 years of Taekwondo experience and has been an instructor at USTMA since 1995. Achieving the rank of 6th degree black belt requires 23 years of study. Having partnered with his father and mentor, Grandmaster Eung Gil Choi, Master John’s dedication and commitment to the sport of Taekwondo  and the community he grew up in is evident in his accomplishments. Master John continues to train both domestically and internationally, bringing to USTMA a blend of traditional Taekwondo with modern teaching methods. A Virginia state champion 23 times consecutively (11 in sparring and 12 in Poomse), he understands the ingredients necessary to be a solid competitor. He retired from competition in 1999 at the age of 15 and followed his true passion by becoming a coach. C-Crew, USTMA’s competition team, was established that same year. Master John paved the way, as the youngest coach to establish, train and lead a team to nationals. C-Crew is rated one of the top competition teams in Northern Virginia.

Master James Choi

Master James Choi is a 5th degree black belt (Kukkiwon/WTF certified). Achieving the rank of 5th degree black belt requires 17 years of study. He has practiced Taekwondo his entire life and has over 15 years of teaching experience. After earning his bachelors degree in biology with a concentration in medicine from James Madison University, he decided on continuing his fathers legacy and teaching the art of Taekwondo. Master James now prides himself in the progress and performance of his students by helping them achieve their goals.

Master Neil Steinberg

Master Neil Steinberg began his involvement in Taekwondo in 1981, at age 30 . He joined USTMA in the 1990s and has been a student and an instructor there ever since, achieving the first level of Master, 5th Dan, in November of 2014. In addition to using Taekwondo as his personal approach to mental and physical fitness he also sees it as an excellent opportunity for others to improve their own well-being. For him, teaching Taekwondo is the best way to continue to learn and understand Taekwondo.

Master Warren Robst

Master Robst began his martial arts training in 1969 for several years. When this training ended a break for many years occurred. Master Robst resumed his training at USTMA in the year 2000 and his training is ongoing. Master Robst tested for the Master level in November 2017 receiving his 5th Dan in March of 2018. He enjoys teaching all age levels and all belt levels. His most recent challenge was in learning all 8 Palgwe forms in less than 6 months in preparation for his Master level test! Master Robst's favorite kick is the jumping back kick. His hobbies include horseback riding and gardening. 



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Lisa Norton, 


My son has built confidence and focus which reflects in his learning.

Michael Metzer,


USTMA has been a great place for our son. He has learned so many important life lessons.

Grace Okoro-Akyeampong,


Excellent instruction. Warm and family-friendly

Kelly Love, 


Our family loves USTMA. It has made a huge difference in our son, teaching him respect and discipline.

Kate Green, 


USTMA has given my children the self-confidence and discipline they need to overcome any obstacle they face. Thank you.