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  • What do we wear?
    When trying Taekwondo for the first time, you can wear any comfortable athletic attire. Once a student, a USTMA uniform or dobok can be purchased through the school and will be necessary for class. Only bare feet are allowed on the mat. In the summer, students can purchase a stylish USTMA t-shirt to wear instead of their dobok top. In the winter, they can purchase a warm USTMA hoodie to wear over the dobok.
  • How long are classes?
    Classes range from 30 minutes to an hour. Please refer to the class schedule for more detailed information.
  • Who teaches the classes?
    For every class there is a master, a head instructor, an instructor, and up to 5 leadership team members. Leadership team members are our elite high school instructors that are hand selected and trained by the masters on how to help teach Taekwondo.
  • What do the students do in each class?
    Each class has an exercise portion focusing on cardio, muscular, and flexibility training. Basic hand and kicking techniques are consistent in every class. The class may also include advanced kicking techniques, self-defense techniques, traditional forms, sparring, weapons, and board breaking techniques.
  • What is expected of students?
    The students should approach learning Taekwondo at USTMA with discipline and respect. During class time they must always be on their best behavior and ready to work with 100% effort. It is tradition to always greet the Grandmaster, masters, and instructors with a bow to show respect. Chewing gum, jewelry, food and drink are not allowed in the matted area–the dojang. Always treat fellow students, teachers, and everyone in the USTMA family respect.
  • What is the average age of students in the class?
    In the children’s classes the average age of the student is 8 years old. Family classes are filled with parents and children of all ages. We have students ranging from age 3 all the way up to 60+ years old.
  • What is the student/instructor ratio?
    The average class at USTMA consists of about 45 students. The teacher/student ratio is about 1:5.
  • Are there additional costs?
    There is a $60.00 testing fee for students testing for their next belt level. Higher fees apply to black belts. There are additional costs for sparring gear, uniforms, nunchucks, and optional USTMA merchandise.
  • How often is testing?
    We have belt promotion testing at USTMA every 2 months. Though testing is offered, not everyone will qualify for testing. Of course, in order to progress, testing is necessary.
  • How do students qualify for testing?
    The student must attend a minimum of 15 classes per belt semester. (The 2 months between tests.) The student must pre-test and demonstrate to the masters and instructors a good understanding of the curriculum requirements. The student must have “satisfactory” or “excellent” behavior at school and at home. A form will be sent home for parents and teachers to check off.
  • What is the testing process?
    Pre-tests are given during regular class times one week prior to the promotional testing. Upon passing the pre-test, students receive a testing form to fill out. This includes the behavior evaluation form for teachers to fill out. Return the completed testing form along with $60.00 payment to the front desk before testing day. Three days,Thursday–Saturday is designated just for testing. There will be no regular classes on these days. Make-up testing is available the following week to any students unable to test during the prior week.
  • How many classes can a student attend each week?
    Students can attend unlimited number of classes. We recommend at least 2 classes a week.
  • When do students start sparring?
    Students begin sparring and weapons classes once they have advanced to an orange belt. Note: The average student will achieve an orange belt in approximately 6 months.There are separate sparring and weapons classes three times a week. Sparring is required in the USTMA curriculum and is expected of every student. Sparring gear is to be purchased at USTMA at the front lobby.
  • Do you have to attend weapons class?
    The weapons program is not a requirement for the curriculum but it is available to anyone who is interested in learning.
  • Is that a gym attached to the school?
    YES! That is our Wellness Center that is available to all USTMA members and families. If anyone in your family is a member of USTMA then you eligible to use the wellness center for only $100/year! The Wellness Center is open Monday-Friday from 10am-8pm and on Saturdays from 10am-2pm.

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Above are some questions that many members ask when they first join the USTMA family. 

Feel free to contact us if anything is unclear or not mentioned.

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